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June 19, 2004


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I agree with you.

Rumsfeld is a great SecDef and will not be replaced so long as he wants the job.

But I have a hard time seeing McCain as a Secretary of State. I mean what diplomatic skills does he have? He doesn't appear to be very diplomatic to me. OTOH, Rumsfeld cleaned out Defense, Ashcroft cleaned out Justice, perhaps McCain is just the guy to purge the liberal elements from State.

Administrations come and go, but the career bureaucrats are the people who really run the government. Over time, the perspective of the government become that of the dominant perspective of the career bureaucrats. Justice was filled with "liberal" bureaucrats and Ashcroft purged them.

State continues to be filled with "liberal" bureaucrats and Powell has not, or does not want to, purge them.

So maybe Bush does want someone who can "realign" State. I have no doubt that McCain could do that.

Putting neoCons in control of state would be a real "legacy".

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