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June 22, 2004


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These people are the evil ones. Neo-nazis?

Lots of problems with your thinking. First, you're using NewsMax as a source of information. This magazine has published literally thousands of baseless wingnut conspiracy theories. It's like Pravda with an extra helping of crazy-sauce. Second, you quote What bothers me is that the public is going to swallow this kind of propaganda... How is Bush and company claiming Iraq strongly supported and maintained a nuclear and biological arsenal aimed directing at terrorizing American not propaganda? Dude, wake up, Bush lied and now hundreds of our brave soldiers or paying for the price of the lie they told and you bought into. Go see the film, then write a [expletive] review, otherwise, shut the [expletive] up.

"otherwise, shut the [expletive] up."

Ah, yes, freedom of speech, etc. etc. I strongly encourage all Moorians to try saying that to my face.

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