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June 02, 2004


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Welcome back. Your calling attention to Edelman's remarks is where it's at. People who are inspired by God, false or otherwise, can only be defended against by killing them.

Um, actually it was the Russians who did most of the heavy lifting against the Nazis.

Um, nyet, gospodin.

From all I've ever read, the only people with pre-emptive strike doctrines in the past were fascist.

The junta in Japan,
the Third Reich,
Mussolini's Italy,
the Second Reich of Bismarck (starting the Franco-Prussian war, the 7-weeks war, and the war of Spanish Succession, and later, yes, you guessed it, WWI)

How did Germany start WWI?

Basically they were the first people major power to encourage a massive buildup over the Serbian crisis. Paranoia on Germany's part? Or were they, yet again, inciting European war?

We DID intervene after Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti invaded Kuwait.

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