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June 17, 2004


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Strange, I just tried those searches and got no eBay links.

It does for me. Maybe there's some insidious program that's snuck onto my hard drive?

Sounds likely.
I'd recommend scanning your system with Spybot S&D.

Egad, Brian. I downloaded Spybot S&D and ran it, but the darned thing is still doing it.

You could verify that it's a problem with something hijacking IE by installing Mozilla Firefox (it's a <5MB install file now) and checking Google.

If that is the problem, you could try running another spyware detection/removal program like AdAware, or you could use advanced-mode Spybot S&D to check the browser-related stuff on your system manually.

Let me know if you need more help or info. :)

I jumped in with both feet to Mozilla Firefox, and it seems to have taken care of the little unpleasantness. Way cool. Thanks, Brian. (Already have AdAware, but that didn't do the trick, by the way.)

You're welcome.

FWIW, I looked around, and your problem sounds similar to one of the CoolWebSearch hijacker variants listed here:
(Variant 18, CWS.Xplugin)

So, it's possible the CWSShredder might find something.

Personally though, I've been a Mozilla user for a long time, and never had to worry about stuff like that. IE is just a huge target - and lacks the tabbed browsing and integrated popup blocking that I find indispensable in Moz.


I agree google is our new whore. I have firefox-moz and a mac, that doesn't change the fact google is a new found online slag happy virus hopping google!

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