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June 29, 2004


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great post Ms. SW...

even on a Pro-Football Playoff Day, the mighty SISU proves to be more worthy of attention, than other alternatives.

it isn't the foolish nature of the Democrats, pushing misguided socialism which is most concerning, but the dishonesty in the effort in my opinion.

the Democrat Party, and the MSM, likes to hide the true tax burden dreams of the Liberal Democrats.

'pay as you go' is really 'lie as we tax'

didn't the Carter nightmare teach them anything?

they would lose most elections, if they were honest about their destructive agenda, and Hillary-Bill led the way with the old 'con' game.

the enormous increases in taxation, spending from McGreevy and Corzine, has made New Jersey the State with highest cost of living, as well as the highest property tax rate.

all of this, we know, actually hurts the poor the most...

remember Democrat GRAY DAVIS's calls to triple taxation in California, to pay for the enormous amounts of irresponsible spending?

i was happy to see Gov. Romney express it quite well the other day...

'Romney Is First To Sign Pledge on Tax'

"The Democratic agenda seems to be surrounding the idea of raising taxes and more government spending, and more taxing is not good for the American people, it's not good for the economy, it's not good for America," Mr. Romney said. "I think you'll see the Republicans in both houses and in the White House stand firm. Holding the line on taxes is critical to strength of our economy and the well-being of the American people."

he is impressive...

isn't it ironic, so many Liberals express their mistrust for Government, with a form of bitter hatred for the US Gov., pushing endless conspiracies, yet are foolishly pushing to increase it's size, empower it further, by supporting the Party wanting to tax them more?

Liberals hate a Monopoly in the private sector, yet wish to make the biggest monopoly of all, massive Government...

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