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June 02, 2004


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Glad to see you're back Sissy. Glad to see you're jumping back in with both feet.

Sissy, my trackback thingy isn't working but I've posted something on this. Sort of a current update on the Kael mindset.

Hey Sissy. Welcome back.

With regards to Chun, perhaps he should take a look at who donates to who before he decides which candidate has the heart of the "alleged regular folk" and who has the heart of the "fat cats"

We can follow the money here:

I got here from Chun's page, and I think that he might be on to something.

Is it really worth your time to criticize boring old John Kerry?

It's good to be back and nice to have been missed!

You don't need to be so formal when discussing Mr. Chun. All his friends call him Wang.

Hey, there, Zathras, remember to choose your friends wisely.

Could you please help us explain why Chun thinks you are a common working class person?

What are you? Lt. Colonel (ret.) and now the owner/operator of a home office business? An accountant, perhaps?

Thanks for stopping by, JSN. Who knows why Chun "thinks" what he does? My guess would be that he speaks without thinking.

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