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May 07, 2004


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Excuse me? The women's movement, homosexuals and one Democratic Senator are responsible for "indiscipline" in the military? I'm confused. I thought the Secretary of Defense and the Commander in Chief were in charge...

Hi, Lori -- The point being made here is that political correctness has hogtied our institutions so that no one dares mention that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

I hadn't, myself, really focussed on "what is wrong with this picture" in quite this way until I read Mr. Neumayr's essay. Putting female guards in charge of male prisoners defies common sense in any context, but all the more so in a mysogynist setting like the one at hand.

Interesting, though, that one would expect political correctness to call for sensitivity to Muslim custom. But in this case, leftist feminism apparently trumps multiculturalism.

Hi, Sis -- I understood perfectly, thanks, but I appreciate your thoughtful reply. :-)

That picture is without a doubt one of the most deeply disturbing things that I have ever seen.

I haven't seen manboobs like those since I accidentally wandered into a truck stop shower stall during Michael Moore's half hearted bi-annual scrub.

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