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May 11, 2004


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I have similar pictures of my son, a Lieutenant in the 1st AD, with an Iraqi family with the father, wife and daughter. In one picture my son stands between the two women one arm around each. They are film pictures not digital, so I can't send them.

I can picture them in my mind's eye and am touched that you are sharing your son's experience with me and my readers. Thank you so much, Mr. Koren. And special thanks to your son for his courageous service to our country.

Could all the "bloggers" request pictures (from anyone that has them) to send those pictures to their Internet favorite web site. Surely, we are taking pictures of the good work our Americans, both civilian and military, do all over the world. Perhaps we could overwhelm the traditional media outlets with positive pictures to counteract the 24/7 bombardment of these terrible images. Maybe the world will never love us, but Americans need to be reminded that there is a great deal more to be proud of than ashamed.

I am glad you posted this. I hope it's a reminder that the newsworthy images we are seeing now will pass. Just like there were when Iraq fell and since then, happy images will return to the airwaves and paper.

Photo of Sgt H. at Abu Hassan village 11 October 2003, credit SSG K. Thanks for running it.

Wasn't Teddy K on TV just yesterday making a speech about how we weren't really greeted with flowers, as liberators?

Aren't those fuschia-colored things flowers?

A Soldier's Mom, you make me want to do something so much bigger than myself. I am going to sleep on it and get back to you in the morning.

this site is using a similar photo that Sisu uses in its masthead. This is b.s. http://patmix.typepad.com

A soldier's mom: A lot of people in the world like the Americans, or admire them, or feel good about the USA, but there's a world-wide conspiracy by a lot of media all over, to permanently attack your country. Of course, this world-wide PC slandering campaign is orquestrated and led by the US media. For instance, a lot of people in Mexico would hesitate to say good things about the US or defend her against slander in public, because the media has created this lynching atmosphere in which you can not think freely, you will be mocked, or insulted, dismissed as a right-wing monster...you know the script. But, at the very same time, in private conversations, a big amount of Mexicans would talk even affectionately about the US, but always trying not to be so un-PC, looking over the shoulder, to put it figuratively. A big percentage of the problem originates with the media. Bunch of **********

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