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May 03, 2004


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I haven't attended to reports of the terrorist attacks in terms of gender, etc. Your note reminded me of some events that had seemed especially shocking to my western eyes. One instance was the murder a few days ago of the pregnant mother and her young girls. And it seemed to me a bat (and not a bar) mitzvah (sp?) was the scene of the hotel bombing a few years ago? Of course, if the motive is true genocide then the childbearing and the young fecund or soon-to-be-fecund are important, not subsidiary, targets.

Nonetheless, this seems to be the opposite of our civilization's(and pre-civilization's) chivalric ideal of protecting women and children, only meeting men in open contests of prowess.

I'd always assumed that seeing sex in terms of hurt and power is the perspective of the impotent, the fearful. And I'd always assumed in a different, but quite real, sense nothing is more powerful than an impregnated woman - the bearer of the next generation. But it had also seemed that the man gains his power in part from both the impregnation and the protection of the bearer of life. (And no, I don't think that is an unemancipated way to think - I think it is a truth that stands beside the respect and recognition we should give each other for our separate, unique selves and our individual skills and talents.)

Roger Simon discusses this over at his blog.

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