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May 08, 2004


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Excuse me for my politically incorrect response beforehand. They call this abuse??(referring to the picture)....................... I consider it foreplay! A little levity never hurt!

Not my cup of tea, CJ.

Another woman in some photos says they got training before going overseas, but it was combat training, not police-work training.

Gee, could that be because MP's might be expected to have already been trained for police work, but maybe not for combat?

To the gentlemen speculating that MP are trained for police work and not combat. Army MP are trained in 5 combat support roles: Movement and Mobility Support Operations, Area Security, Internment and Ressetlement Operations, Police Intelligence Operations and then, Law Enforcement. MP are well trained for combat. Many soldiers, who actually know what MP do, refer to them as glorified infantry b/c MP are right their, chewing the same dirt w/the grunts. It's a shame that PFC Lynndie England is constantly referred to as "that MP". If this were a soldier of any other military occupational specialty, she would just be referred to as "a solidier". The incidents involving PFC England have not only disgraced America and the US Army, but have especially impacted the US Army's Military Police Corps.

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