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April 19, 2004


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Golly and gosh, maybe even a gee-whiz is deserved here.

I get all - well, almost ALL - of my news, commentary, insight, etc, etc, from blogs these days. Of course, I follow the links, and read the established media's take on a given subject, and then, well....I make up my own mind.

I currently have no TV, and of course, I pick and choose my content - but I feel so much more well informed than my colleagues and friends and associates.

I have learned more being without TV and newspapers in the last few months, than in all of the time I spent over the last few years feeding on the teat of "established" media.

So, to all you "adolescent" bloggers out there, who I read on a regular basis, thank you for the un-slanted version of the real world you've been bringing to my desktop! Thanks for the news behind the news, thanks for pointing out the self-serving pap that industry "insiders" want to deliver to me every day, thank you all for telling the truth, being the "corrections" page that most papers will not take seriously, thanks for being the sentinel in the war against disinformation.

Well. That feels better!

Thank you, and goodnight!

The average blogger does his thing only once a week . . . and that half are adolescents

I just started my own blog and post something every day but have been reading blogs for several months, and all the ones I repeatedly visit are written by well-educated adults.

Maybe Rosenberg and Lamb believe that blogging=adolescence, therefore "you are young only once but can remain immature forever"?

Hey, Rick. At first I thought you were just a happy-go-lucky airhead. Upon rereading, however, I detected a lame attempt at humor and realized the happy-go-lucky part was wrong.

Interesting point, Fausta. What I have found about the bloggers I like to read is a youthful inquisitiveness about the world.

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