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April 19, 2004


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Right on!!! [Uh oh, I'm dating myself]
Because of, not in spite of!

Sounds like a new war cry. ;)

Groovy, Pam!

Sorry, just kidding. I've been trying to get that one back into the common slang for too many years. Here, let's try some really groovy slogans out...

Bush is still GROOVY, despite the fact that he's a war-mongering-blood-for-oil-pig?

Uh...Bush is really groovy, despite the fact that Halliburton has entered-his-mind-and-is-using-thought-control-on-him?

Um....well, I'm really not sure QUITE what is going on, man, but I know that Bush is bad, and it's not groovy...

Well, anyway, peace. Got a bong I gotta go tend to. Groovy, man.

Oh, did I mention "far out?"

Hi, Pam. 'Love your suggestion. Ignore that juvenile Al Franken wannabe who is just as unfunny as his hero. Rick did get ONE thing right, though. He's "not sure QUITE what is going on." In fact, he doesn't have a clue.

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