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April 15, 2004


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So true, inteferes with my sleep. But good neighbors do share cute kitty pics.


Worst part about all that is that it did pass, and starting at the end of May we will be forced to hear call to prayer 5 times a day. I live on the Detroit side, and since Detroit doesnt really care, the mosques around my house start call to prayer at 5:20am, and I get woken up many times by this. In a 3-mile radius we have 7 mosques. That doesn't even include the many muslims who hold call to prayer out of their garages or houses. This has just opened up a can of worms that everyone is afraid of. Too many people are afraid to say no to the muslims 'cause they do not want them sending out suicide bombers or anything. America has never bowed down to any other religion, and we should not start now. In our area we no longer call it East Detroit we call it Middle East Detroit due to all the Arabs and Indians who have taken over the area. They have opened businesses, and none have used English on their signs. When you glance into their stores you see items that they are not allowed to sell such as focus hope food and welfare items, but since they are doing it in Detroit, they are getting away with it. Not to mention those stores that are selling food without proper licences to do so. It is really a shame what has come to this beautiful area.

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