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April 21, 2004


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are they crazy to allow this crazy call i'm from middleast i dont' want to hear call of prayer of muslims this is really sick i thought i came to west to get away from that call of garbag now i have itttt here ????? where are the americans people where are the christians and jewish ?
if they allow islamic call of prayer it means chruchs and singal can have the same , you know i call the people who allow that call of prayer terrorist caus they allow call of war i'm from middleast the islamic call of prayer is call of war dooo u understand or are u people of detroit sleeping >?

what the hell is wrong with u stupid people. its not call for war its call for prayer and thats about it. all it says is come down and pray. thats all. stupid dumb idiots u people are and did you know half of the people who go down to the mosque after listening to the call are white and black americans who have been living in this conuntry ever since it was made. islam is a an international religion not some thing that is related to only one country or type of people. wht the hell ever happened to ur free country crap. haaaan i thought every one is free and stuff. or do u people just say that toooo bring money into the country from other rich countries. its people like u who cause wars and upset people. so you should be called terrorists not the other way round. ok u people need to sort ur selves out ok.good.

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