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April 05, 2004


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This isn't working out as well as you thought, is it?

I do have to tip my hat to the Waffle campaign -- it seems to have worked. However, not only is name calling in poor taste (and I don't care who started it first), but the waffle was the Doonesbury icon for Clinton (a particularly syrupy and buttery waffle, if I properly recall).

If you truly want to play naming politics, why not try to smear "Kerry" as a name rather than simply tagging on a pet name to his present one? Not only is it less childish, but is also lasts longer. I certainly wouldn't know of Elbridge Gerry if not for gerrymandering, nor Charles Ponzi if not for ponzi scheme. For a modern, if tacky, example one must look no further than the effort against Rick Santorum.

Hi, Keith. The point of the Waffles campaign is that Kerry does, indeed, waffle on all important issues. It is not a smear to call something by its true name.

I hadn't known about the Doonesbury reference (too liberal a strip for my taste) -- appreciate your adding to my store of knowledge -- but the fact that Bill Clinton was a waffler doesn't mean that John Kerry is not a waffler.

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