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March 18, 2004


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this did not work for me

Unfortunately not worked for me either.

Have deleted settings folder and tried again, pressed Cmd+alt+shift (which does the same thing). Have reinstalled Creative Suite which worked for a while, now broken again! Good. Any thoughts?

Owen: All I know is to delete the "Preferences" file and reboot . . . You say you deleted "settings" folder, which doesn't sound like the same thing. All best.

I can't seem to find the appropriate folder, could someone tell me how to view hidden folders please? I know I sound rather ignorant about all this, but I'm at wits end right now

How to view hidden folders in Windows:

Click My Computer - Tools (along top of window) - Folder Options

Then click on Advanced Settings - Hidden files and folders

Select Show hidden files and folders

That should do the trick.

Thanks a lot guys. You saved my day. I could not locate where the preferences file is but I just press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT as the splash screen appears and typed yes as recommended in this post. My Photoshop 7.0 is back to life now. Thanks again.

Well, I have one more solution if none of these appear to be working for you. I recently found out that Photoshop doesn't work correctly with HT processors. An easy way to solve this is to go to Getting more bang out of your dual processing buck . This is from Tom's Harware. There they will show you a software which you can pick which programs you don't want using HT. You could do that by CTRL-ALT-DELETE then going to... (This is explained on the site above)
I hope this helps someone. =)

Priceless Tip!

Photoshop just decided one day that it wasn't going to open all the way. Openend up Task Manager to see the CPU usage shoot up to 100% and freeze.

Ran Defrag, Spyware Tools, etc, trying to avoid a re-installation. Gave up and went to bed.

Woke up the next morning and said what the hell. Google "Photoshop not responding" thinking there must be a million reasons why it's not responding and thats such a vague search phrase.

What do you know! The #1 link was yours and it worked like a charm.

Thanks for the great tip.

Thank you thank you thank you! I was just at the start of uninstalling/reinstalling and looking at hours of pain and decided to Google first.

I have both Elements 4.0 and Photoshop CS2 on my computer. Both programs launch fine and allow the menus and tools to be selected. Problem is when a file is opened or a new one created, all of a sudden the program does not respond and I get a 'beep' any time I click the mouse. The programs will not quit and I have to use the Task Manager to quit them. Tried deleting the Prefs files will no luck. Any help would be great.

thanks! had this problem and was suicidal you are my saviour!!!

george3b: You may kiss the ring. ;-)

wow thank you so much you just saved my life! i mean .. you just rescued my photoshop! phew i can stop crying now. yes i am a girl. :)

Many many thanks to you...I found your blog and I finally could solve the problem with the Photoshop. Again thank you!

omy gosh this totally worked, first time ever that a website actually helped me..ahaha your awesome! ive been trying for like 2 hours now but i only have 2 hours now to also create my new layout :( ahaha THANKS!

I have had this problem for months, and I had decided to just live with the problem. Finally today, PS would not open at all. Like you said, a quick Google and as luck would have it, you had the answer to my problems. Many thanks, fixed in 30 seconds.

Great! I thought this would solve my problem too but alas when I open Photoshop which says Not responding and press CNTL ALT SHIFT nothing happens. I take it shift is the key above the lower left corner cntrl key?
I have selected show hidden files and tried to find photoshop preferences file but my computer search cant find it. How do I access this? I have already deleted Photoshop and reinstalled it and rebooted already with no change, it still says Not responding.

Replying to my own posting above of 25 April 2007 I have Photoshop limited edition 5 which is so "not responding" that I am unable to click on anything on its opening page to have any effect. I find if I install photoshop from the original cd onto another computer it works ok, ie it does respond normally, and I have found preferences is accessible by cliking on file. When you get there however there is no option there to delete preferences if I could get this far on my own computer! So I still have problems!

Does anyone have any advice to offer?

...My Photoshop been not responding for a while now. And this preference folder is NO WHERE to be found and all folders are unhidden... @_@ Where do I go?

Update: Ah! I solved the problem! ^^ I think It's because I have... Photoshop CS 8.0... not 7... So instead, I deleted my settings folder and it worked! Though my last file is corrupt >< I'm glad the others are safe! Thank you so much (:

Amazing, what would I have done without you guys!!! Thankssss soo much! Keep it up!!!


First of all many thanx for posting this solution..I was not sure whether Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Prefs.psp was the file that was to be deleted. I searched around for dis and found that by renaming the file prefs.psp to prefs_old.psp, my photoshop started working..This is just another possible solution which worked for me.
If it doesnt wrk for ne1 just rename it back to its original name and try smthng else..seems quite foolproof!!

Your post was really great help. i spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong until i went to google search. thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much! Worked absolutely perfectly thrilled I thought to google this right away!

Erica: Glad to have been of help. After all these miracle cures, I'm surprised the folks at Adobe haven't given me a call. :-)

Thank you SO much (:
Problem solved. Tried uninstall/install, the registry thingy, etc.
Really helpful :D

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