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March 18, 2004


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Photoshop was responding but taking minutes to respond to each click/task - I re-installed - the problem was still evident. - so...... like many before me - I googled "Photoshop not responding" and found your solution 1st time - Thanks a million! - you saved me a lotta time and heartache!


Argh i cant find the file, theres no settings folder, where will it be?

I cant find the file ahhh, any help?

Joss . . .

I haven't used Windows for years . . . am on a Mac now . . . Can't remember how I fixed Photoshop other than what was included in the blogpost at the time.

I understand your frustration and suggest perhaps contacting someone at Photoshop.com.

There must be a way to fix it.

Best of luck to you.

Once again google comes through. I like so many others on this thread spent hours trying to find our why photoshop had come performance challenged. A quick Google search and now photoshop is smoking again. I seem to remember having this problem a couple of years ago and I think it took a Google search to fix it that time also.

thanks! what a great help!

I'm having the exact same problem, but when i press ctrl/shift/alt nothing happens, And also the folder you suggest to delete is nowhere to be seen?? its so frustrating

OMG! I love youuu!!! finaly my photoshop is working! Thanks sooo much!!!!

Superb Thank you so much. I'd already reinstalled from fresh twice and was still stuck on the dropper tool, with almost all menu items ghosted out and total lack of response. This was a longshot and worked like a dream.

My photoshop does not work either, Im a little slow with computers... so exactly how do I get to the "Documents and settings/user/application data/adobe/photoshop 7" folder." part I tried looking for it but I just dont seem to find it where would I be able to access this??

I can't remember exactly. That was awhile ago,and I've been using iMacs of late, but I think you'll find the file in one of the drop-down menus along the top of your window. If you can, ask a computer-knowledgeable friend to give you a hand. Good luck!

I myself have had the same problem recur twice, and each time I just googled in "Photoshop not responding" and found my own invaluable post at the top of the list http://www.hotfilemediafire.com

Photoshop not responding- simpler way to change preferences

Hi Sissy Willis,
Thanks for the useful info- it led me to a simpler way.
Based on the instructions I "searched" for .psp files (including hidden files) and found all the Photoshop preference files for the various users of the computer. I clicked on each "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs.psp" file in the "Search" window and it launched photoshopCS3. It cribbed and showed a box saying "wrong file type" which I simply closed. The program remained open and after that I can open any file.
Works for me!

Woo hoo, Thank you!

OMG ... many many many thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,,,,

lol. Glad to have been of assistance!

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