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March 12, 2004


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Well, duh. I hope no tax dollars went into discovering that profound insight. It's called boys becoming men.

There are two differences that you fail to notice by saying "everyone does it":

1. It can be done productively rather than destructively. The success of a society depends on chanelling that. Gang culture in the US is a good example of a failure.

2. American culture has, in many ways, moved beyond "face". As a whole, we're not afraid to admit mistakes and learn from them. We haven't, and probably never will, move beyond being motivated by "face", but we're willing to learn from the results.

Hey, mrsizer -- Thanks for dropping by.

I agree with you it's all in how societies channel the energy, and there was nothing in my post to suggest otherwise. But "face" is fundamental to human nature, and to move beyond it is a Utopianist's dream.

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