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March 10, 2004


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I can think of no reason to suggest men are any less emotional than women. When it comes to voting, G-d help us all.

I'd actually wager that men are *less* rational when it comes to popularity contests like elections. (See? Even I refer to an election as a 'popularity contest'...)

I agree with you, Mark, and I think it's a Darwinian thing: Competing in "popularity contests like elections" is all about the quest for respect and honor amongst one's peers, which ultimately enhances one's reproductive fitness (as in "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac").

"Among the arguments used against women's participation is that menstruation could cloud their political judgment."

Ha! I wonder what the excuse will be when women in the Kingdom hear about, and start using, menstrual management.

Thats our believe, not the other, just our believe....thats all.

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