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March 13, 2004


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A cigar box? I love it! When I go on the road with the worms, I keep them in Tupperware, but somehow a cigar box just feels more...cozy. Not as secure, perhaps, and this is an important consideration when we are traveling by plane.

In those days, there was no such thing as Tupperware...Cigar boxes were the great containers of all things collectible. We're talking the fifties here...Before that, it was Wardian Cases: http://www.plantexplorers.com/Explorers/Wardian_Age.htm

Cigar boxes are called humidors...so in fact you have worms in your humidors. That sounds like something that a cigar smoker would say when he finds the bugs in the humidors that eat the cigars. Scary saying that to a cigar smoker with humidors full of cigars.

You make me LOL, humidors.

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