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January 22, 2004


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The truth of the matter is that anyone who across the board supports the Democrats or the Republicans is bound to be stuck in various harrowing intellectual binds. Both parties are wrong about tons of stuff. The GOP has all that rightwing Christian crap, and the Dems have shown themselves to be pathetic sissymen in response to all three Bush international police actions (Iraq I, Afghanistan & Iraq II). They whined about them all. And all three nobly intentioned military actions sought to discipline rogue states, using post-Cold War big power consensus (when achievable), the cherished dream of peaceniks since League of Nations. The Bush Wars represent a huge step forward in terms of evolution of collective security/world peace. Sloppy and unpredictable, yes; violent and chaotic, indeed. Sort of like the Wild West justice of Earp and Hickok. But a reasonable beginning, a stab at international law and order (as opposed to Haguestyle student-council justice). But nervous, hypocritical Dems choose to view this as unilateral war-mongering, and act as if they want the efforts to fail, because...well, they want to be back in the White House. How noble.

Well said, woodlander.

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