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January 16, 2004


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These connections are too wonderful. Will the general public make the connection? Whatever. Years from now the magic of this proposed memorial will be couched in the same terms as the Salk, the British Center, et. al.

I am preparing a master thesis on “ Healthy Buildings – analysis study about windowless office buildings effects on workers performance mood and productivity ” to get the master degree in architecture. I will be so grateful if you can send me any information with details you know about the following:
Windowless building (architectural details)
Research on: windowless offices, sunlight daylight and view effects on workers
Looking forward to receiving your early reply, I remain

Yours Architecture engineer

Hello, Ebtisam --

Thank you so much for your note. As you can tell from my post, "the art of daylighting" is a particular interest of mine, and I congratulate you for choosing it for your master's thesis!

My own master's is in Landscape Architecture, where light is, of course, all important.

If you haven't already, you might want to contact the Salk Institute for perhaps an interview with one of the researchers working on the project referenced in the post:


Then, of course, there's Google. I typed "art of daylighting" into a Google search just now and came up with what looks like a good list for you to pore through:


Then, as with any Google search, one thing will lead to another.

I hope these suggestions may be of some small help to you.

I am in the process of writing an essay/paper on natural lighting in the Glasgow School of Art by CR Mackintosh. I will be grateful if you can send me any information with details you know about the natural lighting in the building or similar studies/ research conducted by others on the same or other buildings.
Thank you

Hey, Maneck, a great topic you've chosen. I suggest you start with a Google search and move on from there to the library.

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