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July 30, 2011


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I sympathize with McCotter; "grow up" is in the sense of "acting with wisdom," dealing with what's possible and not demanding it all, now. Too many on the hard right were doing just that, putting the existing coalition at risk by using poor strategy to pursue a worthy goal. "Cut, cap, and balance" would never get past the Senate and Obama -- it's a goal for 2013, when we've taken control of both bodies. For now the best course is to bank what gains we've made --even it means accepting a debt hike and no BBA for now-- and moving on with decisively winning in 2012. The intransigent, unbending attitude shown by some puts that at risk. If more people are going to get involved in politics directly, which is a good thing, then McCotter is right: they also need to learn political wisdom.

(And he's right about what establishment Republicans need to learn about the Tea Party, too.)

It's not about politics, parties, tea parties, elections or what would get past the Senate and Obama. The "hard right" you speak of is not nearly the "hard reality" our leadership is ignoring. of what the CBO, leading economists, Obama's economics team, the creditworthiness rating companies as well as our creditors are advising our entire country is required of us in order to avoid financial collapse, not only of this country, but the better part of the planet. What about this is so difficult to understand? Why do we think "austerity" measures only apply to the rest of the world economies when ours sucks too, when states are going bankrupt? We have run out of time and room for compromise and we have been warned that we do not have the luxury of waiting for a Republican majority in 2012. Yet there is no sense of urgency, no sense of priority. No sense that this is not like all the other times and that it never should have gotten this far to begin with. This debt ceiling "drama" is like a couple having a domestic dispute while their house burns to the ground around them. By the time they reach agreement it will be too little and too late if it isn't already. Have you been to the grocery store lately and seen the huge impact of inflation that failure to act responsibly has already had? Shall we wait until we can't afford to eat for that turnover in 2012? And consider how we are already being rated on credibility for addressing our overspending. Few remember "PayGo" already because this congress and this administration passed it and then violated it's provisions multiple times without hesitation. So how likely now is our leadership to abide by any bill they finally pass? One more thing, does it matter where we cut the budget if congress is unable through oversight committees or hearings to determine where billions of taxpayer dollars are going now? Maybe the tea party taxpaying Americans see that the only ones interested in saving their savings, are themselves. I promise this country has not seen "hard right" yet.

"Cut, cap, and balance" would never get past the Senate and Obama -- it's a goal for 2013, when we've taken control of both bodies."

This depends on whether the control of both bodies is led by Big Government Republican Spenders the same as the Big Government Spending Republicans during Bush's two terms or whether we've taken control of both bodies with fiscally conservative Republican candidates who go rogue against the Big Government Spending Republicans.

McCotter voted for the auto bailout, he has no platform to stand and lecture 'grow up.'

Was not the reason why the Tea Party rose due to the fact that Big Spending Republicans spent like Big Spending Democrats only the Democrats Spent Bigger.

Ruling Class vs Country Class-McCotter should choose whose side he is on.

Unfortunately, the Hill upon which the Shining City lies is facing a financial volcanic eruption from which we can only hope we may recover as a free nation. Only those of the Tea Party persuasion seem to have the conviction to lead us from the ashes.

I think that no matter how we cut the budget, if Congress can not by oversight committees or hearings.

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