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April 04, 2010


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You are the early birds. Lovely post. Happy Easter, Sissy.

He is Risen!

Thank you, darling Amy, and Happy Easter to you.

Laura Lee: He is.

I was trying to stay off my computer this weekend, but just peeking in to say it looks like you had a Happy Easter and I'm soooo happy that Tiny had a terrific day!

That rumbling in the atmosphere was me going to Mass on Easter Morning for the first time in several decades! It felt great and is an experience I intend to continue to repeat. The two goofy boys at my house spent a good part of Easter morning engaging in a stare-down on the living room sofa. Both were sitting utterly still, facing each other (Rusty was sitting on a cushion, thereby gifting himself with slightly higher ground). Each had one forepaw raised halfway in the air and they proceeded to gaze at each other, unmoving for 10-15 minutes at a crack, then one of them - again usually Rusty who is getting less shy and more aggressive with every passing day - would smack the other in the face with that raised paw. Then they went back to staring.

By the time they ceased this activity (about an hour into it) I was crying from laughter! They were so doggone funny!

I love my little orange babies!

A belated happy Easter to you both and Tiny! Love the top picture. And SO happy to hear that your precious feline was feeling better on the day. These ups and downs of beloved pets' health are as worrying as those of any human loved one.

One of our cats (the highly neurotic half Siamese who hisses like a demon at most people except me) was pronounced "dying" four or five years ago, and is still spry and ever stealing meat, lasagna and chicken whenever she can. We call her five pounds of fury. She is RATHER fond of me, tho.

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