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August 16, 2009


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I must remember to get here on the correct browser... I forget and then don't have time to come back on Safari so I can comment. *sigh*.

The kitties they are soooo cute. Clowdering - lol - love that word.

Teresa: How are you and Ken slogging through this long, hot August?

Did you hear the absurd local story of how Commonwealth-run swimming pools were shut down for the season just in time for the heat wave? Apparently the lifeguards had to go back to school, I think (wasn't paying that much attention). In the old days before soul-killing regulation and the fear of lawsuits, some local civic-minded good swimmers would have volunteered for a workaround. Reminds me of Obamacare!


So what do we know of Earl Grey? His prospects? His antecedents? His intentions vis-a-vis our incandescently beautiful Tiny?

I don't know, but with a name like Earl Grey--- spelled with an "e'" I'd say his prospects are pretty darned good....

Precious post, Sissy.

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