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August 28, 2009


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Given the saying 'At night all cats are grey,' the dashing Earl has the perfect adaptive coloration for stealth nocturnal visits to Tiny.

Beautiful photos, which is really why I come here. I need to work on getting ones of my cats that are this good.

Earl Grey is handsome. But Tiny is resplendantly gorgeous! Then again - I may be a tad biased in her favor. My Sam is a gorgeous kitty (again) now that his diabetes is under control! The coat isn't matted or greasy looking (a sure sign of a sick kitty) and his attitutde is back to normal. He is, as he'll be happy to tell you, the most grand tiger in his jungle! And the most amorous!

Those pics of Tiny are drop dead gorgeous, some of the best you've taken. I love the next to last one with Tiny on a log. I only wish you had it in desktop wallpaper size.

Connecticut Yankee: I love it! and have added your comments in an update.

Tom: Thanks for your kind words.

Gayle: So glad to hear that your Sam is feeling himself again.

mog: Thanks. Just for you, I have linked that photo to a larger image suitable for your desktop.

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