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July 22, 2009


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I should have shown the pictures to Lucie not Purrky. He is a teetotaler where catnip is concerned whereas Lucie delights in a little nip.

I love the catnip reference! :-)

Earl Grey is a very handsome boy! Tiny Girl has good taste!

Sam the Wonder Cat has developed diabetes and is now on special food which he devours! It isn't that he especially likes it. It's just that his food intake has been severely curtailed. Also he gets insulin twice daily plus he gets antibiotics once per day which he despises! Gives me the dirtiest look when I shoot a syringe full down his gullet. But he's happy to be home and to be home with a Mommy who adores him and cuddles him endlessly. THAT he likes a lot. So do I.

He doesn't quite know what to make of my breathing machine - so he's decided his best course of action is to ignore it altogether! It's enormously helpful to me - I experience less physical pain and feel less dopey during the day!

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