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May 20, 2009


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Aw - pretty Tiny on patrol. She looks as if she should have minions patrolling for her. Lol.


I didn't know that I had a clowder of felines in my home.

Wait till I tell the HuggaMutt about her housemates...

Tiny has a boyfriend! Should I sing the song? No? ;)

Earl Gray is a "wicked good" name for the guest of honor at Tiny's Catnip Tea Party.

Great job catching the possum picture! Even tho slow, they are so shy around us we only ever see them run over on the road. Glad TIny has a friend nearby.

The Sam person has managed to find a special locale for fleeing the boundaries of the screened in deck and goes out larking about in the neighborhood! His progress can be audible as he kicks butt on various critters he encounters. I have seen good sized dogs being walked down the street cringe at my driveway if they see Sam in the living room window. He is one fierce fellow my dearly beloved cuddle bunny!

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