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November 04, 2008


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You got it. The best man and woman.

Reporting from Watertown, the line at the polls this morning was long, but orderly. The middle aged crunchy granola crowd was positively giddy - one man in Birkenstocks beamed on with "Look at this - how exciting. It is being a part of history." Seriously - I could not make that up. Another acquaintance came over to us with the battle cry, "Be hopeful," with a mild fist clench. To which I replied, "Oh, we are."

On which my husband commented after the acquaintance walked away, "I guess he doesn't know us very well....."

Not even in the Kerry Bush election of 2004 did I see this level of adolescent rapture.

I've seen commentary about how sobering it will be for these people once the One is elected and it turns out he can't walk on water. But these folks can't be sobered - the capacity for self delusion is limitless.

I got to the polling place at 6 a.m., voted at 6:40 a.m. and was accosted by an officious poll watcher who was rude and was insisting that there were problems inside. I finally unloaded on him (don't mess with me before I've had my coffee - it's just really unwise) and told him VOLUME didn't equal PROBLEM and why was he trying to create one where none existed and didn't he have an ACTUAL job to go to? Of course, I knew he was an attorney - even before he pompously informed me that he was - and I responded "I said a REAL job sonny!" - and stomped off to some nice applause. It is never wise to mess with me early in the morning.

Hehehehehe... I voted. A bit later than the going to work crowd although there was still a line even out here in the boonies. It was mostly old folks who are retired. Biggest problem was parking because the town facilities are nearly inaccessible with one teeny snaky road barely 2 cars wide and a minuscule parking lot.

Today I was extremely happy to vote against John Kerry for Senate. *grin* Highlight of the day. ;-)

So Teresa, you got a double joy today? I'd forgotten that John Kerry was on the ballot - you know he was in Vietnam don't you?

Gayle - yes indeed. LOL. It was excellent all the way around.

Kerry was in Vietnam? Do tell!!!

Voted for the best man and woman in the race, AND had the joy of voting against Kerry yet again (I believe this makes four times for me).

Lots of people here in Boston dejected about the prospect of an Obama win, but I think McCain is going to pull it out.

I have fearlessly predicted same!

My husband and I voted early and had no problem. McCain and Palin will win Arkansas easily and Oklahoma even more easily.

I teach art at two different schools. One is in a lower middle class area and the other is in a middle middle class area. They had elections at the schools today. Obama won at the lower middle class school, McCain won at the other.

It's funny, I was half day at the better off school this morning and was at the worse off school this afternoon. I had duty after school and watched as the kids came bounding out of school after the results of the election were announced. The kids were so excited about Obama winning the school election.

Yet one little black girl was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her mother said that Obama was a bad man and shouldn't win.

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