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November 23, 2008


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Your furry friends seem to become one with the garden wall.

Those are some happy cats. Our poor little guys are stuck inside already. They don't have a nice, sunlight enclosure to warm them.

Lucky Chelsea Grays.

Aw - look at them - so cute. And yes I see them both in the first pic - although it looks like Baby Cakes is trying to blend into the rocks. LOL.

Hey Sissy! Happy Thanksgiving to you Tuck, Goomp, Suzy, Chris and the rest of the sisu family. Hope you're having a wonderful day (Camelot by the Sea - right?).

I'm guessing Tiny and Baby Cakes will be having some scrumptious turkey day treats too - sending pets their way along with some for Goomp's kitties too.

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