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September 12, 2008


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Thanks for the mention in your post today. As an agnostic I have compared the moral values of the various world religions and it is obvious that those who follow the Judeo-Christian ethic have been the most free and most successful materialy.

goomp - from my friendship with Sissy and reading your comments over the years - your soul is in no peril at all and I'm looking forward to meeting you some 20-30 years from now in another reality! And that, sir, will be a singular pleasure - for me at least.

Hope all had a joyous weekend. Now that the Dems and the media have managed to panic the financial community sufficient to bring down a few formerly successful banks/financial institutions and generally cause honest citizens to believe that the non-recession that the left has been proclaiming for 3 years has finally arrived! They more and more generate only contempt from me and I really resent being made to feel this way.

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