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May 20, 2008


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I hope things are not as bad as they seem. Obama as President could lead to an early atomic war as the dictators see an opportunity to put an end to Western civilization. Hillary? All I can do is shake my head. That leaves us McCain as our last choice, and his swallowing of the hoax of man-made global warming makes one wonder about his ability to do what is needed to stop the ignorant intellectuals from destroying the economy.

Great post Sissy! And sound reasons to vote for McCain.

Thanks also for the plant information. As it happens I am heading for a nursery very early on Saturday morning to pick up herbs, tomato and pepper plants (and doubtless some impulse purchases as well) and intend to plant my front border and window boxes (both in front of the house and on the deck) with landscaping that, in the words of my late father, "pays for itself". Hence rosemary will be part of my new front yard plantings, among other lovely and hardy plants. Think I'll definitely keep my eyes open for some of the plants you highlighted today as well!

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