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January 07, 2008


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There are many things that may bring tears to a politician's eyes. But begging for votes by crying... that finishes her.

For that matter, during the entire debacle that was the Clinton marriage during the years old Bill was President, all of the women paraded around, all of the headlines and chat about their lives, not once did Hillary shed a tear (that I remember). Bill, yes, Hill, no.

Rather creepy when you think about it. Her own personal life isn't something she cares enough about to have an emotional melt down about - but being elected President, now that's a different matter!

Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue and for Justin Webb too. Thankfully some people can think for themselves and overcome indoctrination. I think the tears came naturally.

When she OFFICIALLY and irrevocably withdraws from the race, then I will cry too! Tears of joy and relief!

I don't like her, I don't trust her and I fear for our country if the indefensibly corrupt Clintons were to achieve the White House again.

Hillary has always made my skin crawl. I'm with WTKK's Jay Severin, who says the Ice Queen is the control freak of the universe, she is ALWAYS in control, the boo-hoo-ing was planned. In the Oprah-fied world of politics today, Hillary cries and gets more votes. She says "I found my voice in NH" and people don't laugh in her face at that nonsense. Nauseating stuff.

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