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December 13, 2007


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A new blog group!!! "The Cats Pajamas"

"All [Zelda the hobo cat] wants for Christmas is the boxes our gifts come in."

Just like small children - no matter what they get for a present, they far prefer the box it came in to the gift itself. *grin*

It is ever thus - the female of the species is out and about taking care of business while the male finds a comfy spot for a nap! Cat, human - it's all the same!

Sam has finally figured out how to use the kitty door. For his troubles, he got himself thoroughly chilled last night. He was outside maybe 5 minutes and came barreling back into the house, gave me a dirty look as though it was MY fault he was cold (!) and dove onto the bed and under the covers. Then he got angry with me because I couldn't stop laughing! Sense of humor is not standard equipment with the feline species!

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