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November 25, 2007


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In addition to the greatly superior quality of the taste is, I think, the noiseless quality of homemade cranberry sauce, lacking the distinctive, shudder-invoking, sound of store-bought slowly coming free from the can.

Take that creamed turkey, throw in some peas, carrots, pearl onions, and diced parsnips, stick it in a double crust, and BINGO! Turkey Pot Pie. Mmmmmmm.

How yummy it all sounds. There is nothing like left overs from a turkey dinner. If you have any gravy left and want to throw together a quick meal for you and Tuck:

Buy a couple of zucchini (I like mine on the small side or get one large) - slice them into thin rounds (or as mine turn out I quarter or halve them, then slice, so they're easier to pick up on a fork). Boil some pasta of your choice. Now saute the zucchini in olive oil to your preferred doneness (I like mine softer rather than crunchy), add a cup of chopped up turkey and saute to heat through, add the noodles then a cup or so of left over gravy. Heat through - add salt and pepper to taste and... Voila! Takes about 15 minutes - you can slice the zucchini and pull the turkey into small chunks while the water is heating for the pasta. Add a clove of crushed garlic and some sliced shallots to the zucchini while sauteing to add some extra good flavor.

We are doing our turkey at Christmas when darling daughter puts in an appearance. I only do that level of cooking once a year. An all day effort that has always turned out excellently well but WOW - the energy required. *grin*

We polished off the last of everything tonight, with the last cups of incredible turkey broth with dinner.

We've determined, at Christmas, we need a bigger turkey (11 pounds was too small for the 5 of us), and at least 2 apple pies.

It all went much too quickly.

Creamed chipped beef on toast! The best! A belly-filling, heart-warming, artery-clogging Yankee treat!

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