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October 16, 2007


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Them would be sea scallops: many times the size of Bay Scallops, and less sweet but still delicious.

Sisu does know how to develop delicious recipes. Speaking of unintended consequences, I wonder what they will be if the "global warming due to human activity" nutcakes have their way.

Congrats on the low BMI. Don't know how you do it with all the delicious recipes.

You do bring back memories of having the bay scallops. plentiful way back when. Your recipe sounds absolutely yummy. Must try it.

Scallops! YUM!!! I love scallops and yes the bay scallops are small, basically if it looks small enough to pop in your mouth - it's a bay scallop. Sea scallops are generally much larger 2 to 3 times the size of the bays.

And WOOHOO on the checkup!!! You go girl!

I'm fully invested in the CTC now so anyone in my vicinity - a lot of pudge will be floating on the air! Don't get too close or some might land on you!

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