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August 12, 2007


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Great pictures from a peacful day at Camelot.

WooHoo - I'm so glad you found another camera to finish your weekend. I think you'll have to start traveling with multiples in case one of them breaks. ;-)

It's too bad you couldn't get the wind to cooperate enough to catch a pic of the other butterfly during our walk.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!

brilliant image...

sorry about the Pentax.

so glad Teresa was able to visit.


Here's my query for all who visit here - what is it about I-95? Saturday we were heading from Fredericksburg to Alexandria and it was BUMPER-TO-BUMPER traveling in either direction during our ride TO Alexandria. Coming home after a picnic with friends, not so bad. But I-95 is just your basic "what the dickens is going on" kind of nightmare!

(Although last night, speaking of nightmares, I dreamt it was snowing in Atlanta in August - must have had too many anchovies on my spinach pizza!)

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