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August 31, 2007


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» Cartoons In The News from Mind of Mog
Geesh, theyre at it again. Censoring cartoons, specifically this cartoon which isnt all that offensive compared to others Ive seen. Wonder if it will cause as big of a stir as this other cartoon has. Of course there is no compariso... [Read More]

» Nice from Mind of Mog
Seeing as I got tagged with the nice meme by Sissy, who is also nice but shes been tagged already, Im sharing in the niceness naming names of nice bloggers. Rahel who takes the prettiest cat photos which make perfect desktop wallpaper an... [Read More]


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The Nice Award shows it pays to be nice as well as talented.

Aw, thanks, Sissy. I look kind of ridiculous in pink anyway... although I do have a few neckties in rather garish pink shades.

GAYLE Rocks...

She is right on.

Congrats on the fine deserved award.

Ah. Thanks Sissy. It is indeed a great honor to be included with the wonderful group of very nice (in the truest meaning of the word) bloggers. Sissy Willis writes with more than simply a keen intelligence, but with heart. That is why I check her out many times daily.

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