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July 16, 2007


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I'm heavily leaning towards a macro as my next lens (vs a fish-eye wide angle) so appreciate the prompts and leads here. And the insects of summer (especially milkweed visitors) are just begging for portraits this time of year!

Fred: 'Looking forward to reading about your macro research in future posts . . .

Here's a detailed how-to by a skilled amateur:

Another place that may be worth your time is Hunt Photo, in Melrose (right off of Main Street near the Malden-Melrose town line, and within walking distance of Oak Grove on the Orange Line) I have had good luck there with their photo support services, and have bought other digital equipment from them (a pro-grade scanner). It will at least give you some competitive pricing.

How pleasant it is, after a very difficult few weeks, to visit the mighty SISU.

Inspiring, relaxing, and extremely joyous.


Sisu always strives to be among the best.

Fun with photography. I hope you find a camera you enjoy and can take macro pictures with easily!

I've had surprisingly good results aiming a camera down the tube of a decent dissecting microscope. You can't take it out in the field, though.

These are very nice macro shots, perfect for web backgrounds. Macro shooting is all about experimentation. There are a lot of tools that can help like extension tubes and reverse rings. I usually use tubes on my zoom lens and reverse ring on my kitlens. It's not about the camera, it's about your style in taking pictures. A good photographer can shoot amazing photos using a plastic toy camera, hehe.

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