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July 11, 2007


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It seems to me that many people have little knowledge that religions were necessary for the establishment of rules of behavior which trial and error showed were necessary to have a functioning social order instead of a continual life of fear of what other groups of humans might do to further their personal welfare. The idea of the noble savage is a stupid dream. The savage was savage. Western civilization under the guidance of Judeo-Christian ethics turned out to be the most successful in reining in the savage side of human nature and led to the Age of Abundance. The Left and so called Liberals with little experience of other than this abundance and ignorance of the history of the human race fiddle with ideas such as Socialism and Communism shown by history to be unworkable. Let us hope the average citizen is not led down the path to slavery or extinction by these ignorant, arrogant persons.

BDS is going strong. Of course Mr. Bush has not helped his cause - he has been far too silent on too many things when he's had the opportunity to speak up and let everyone know what's really happening. Sadly this means that the idiots who shout out the "bad news" continuously, are the only ones heard. It's very disheartening.

BTW - congratulations!!! Good job on the healthy eating and drinking thing.

Congratulations on your weight loss; that's never, ever easy. [I know because I can't seem to do it! ;>]

A great post...

It is hard to blame the President however, as he has faced a level of unethical slander, manipulation, debasing we have ever experienced.

And quite often he and his Administration have expressed the issue quite well.

His recent comments in Cleveland were spot on...

In all fairness, everything is stacked against him, even many Conservatives are simply seeing things in the worst light.

But the Man continues to show great strength and character.

Lesser fools would never have gone on the Offensive after 9-11.

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