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March 20, 2007


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Cathy Seipp, writing everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to the National Review to her beloved blog, has made me laugh so hard that I've actually done authentic spit-takes at the computer.

She wrote about her struggle with cancer without sugarcoating it--she was raw and honest and open about it. As the husband of a cancer survivor I admired her candor so much... there's absolutely nothing noble about suffering and anyone who thinks there is hasn't ever been around any serious suffering, IMO.

Cathy has not gone gentle into that good night; she has fought every inch of the way. I hope and pray that she will find peace when she crosses over to whatever's on the other side of this vale of tears.

a sad story...

a wonderful life...

hearts and prayers are with the amazing Ms. Seipp...

she will not be forgotten.

and we must do her proud.

She has touched many lives, she won't be forgotten.

God rest her beautiful soul. We can take comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain and able to watch over all who loved her and depended on her brilliance.

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