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March 18, 2007


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To me the MSM seems somewhat parasitic. Living off the unrealistic agenda of the non productive liberal academia and producing news that is not only barely fit to print but glorified, and meanwhile suppressing or hiding news that doesn't support the agenda.

I think you're on to something, Goomp.

Thank goodness we can no longer be accused of being ticks on the body politic. But maybe we should get started on mycorrhizal associations. Symbiosis happens!

Greenman Tim: I'm OK, you're OK.

outstanding thread from the mighty SISU...

democrat partisans cannot handle the truth?

they quickly retreated into denial, when the Clintons were revealed to be nothing but corrupt liars...

After carefully considering this, I suppose you could say that bloggers are parasites in the same way op/ed pundits are parasites. They feed off the absurdities of the bloated MSM. However, if we had to use it as a steady diet, we'd all die of malnutrition. Therefore, I think our diet is far more wide ranging.

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