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October 07, 2006


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Happy to you and yours as well...

You continue to inspire, and raise the level, with brilliance.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, I sink lower, offering mundane theories about the Clintons cursing the Yankees.

I seem to be more of a child.

You are wonderfully high brow, and this poster sinks below the low brow.

Would you say this Art Exibit in the Windy City is 'milking it'?

>>> So, then why do we continue to disgrace Native Americans by throwing this "National Holiday" up in their faces? <<<

Sweet jumping Christ on a pogo stick, that sentence doesn't even make any sense (and the rest of the petition doesn't parse well either.)

"Disgrace" is a state of being that one brings upon onesself, e.g. by writing a subliterate and historically ignorant petition, not something that is thrust upon you by someone else.

It is indisputably true that the arrival of Europeans in the New World did indeed herald an ultimate genocide of almost unimaginable proportions, some of it quite intentional, some of it quite inadvertent (cf. Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs and Steel.")

We might "insult," "anger," or "disturb" Native Americans by celebrating the achievements of Cristóbal Colón, perhaps, but any putative disgrace is our own, and now many centuries old.

Indians were not living as the noble savage. They had their own tribal wars long before people from other mainlands came to these shores. It is only Darwinism. Those who came to what is now the USA created the freest most civilized nation the world has ever seen. Unfortunately today that nation seems to be seeing a decline in its former high standards.

well stated Goomp...


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