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August 22, 2006


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Everyone is an island and we reach out over troubled waters hoping to make a contact which will help overcome the isolation.

I posted a photo of my daughter and my niece taken a year or so ago in late fall and their posture or stances make me think of the young girls standing by the vase in Sargent's painting.

That's one of my favorite paintings.


Your posts ARE works of art.

Who knew you could get an education as well as an appreciation for art history reading a blog ?

Sissy: I come to your blog on a daily basis because I know I will find something interesting and, more often than not, almost unbearably beautiful (any picture of Tiny or Baby).

Thank you.

I especially love the picture at the top of the two kitties.

ARG - I've tried 3 times now to get the time to post my comment... too much going on today :-)

Sissy you once again show us your true artist's eye (is it the one that sees so clearly now *grin*). Linking the two pictures and pulling this all together to relate it to us all - just outstanding! (not to mention the really cute kitties who always steal the show)

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