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July 17, 2006


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Tiny in heft and general dignity really resembles my Sam - whose most recent favorite sleeping pose is flat on his back, all 4 paws straight in the air!

I just adore cats! Mine and everyone else's!

That's one fine looking fur rug you got there, Sissy. We're expecting weather in the 90's this weekend, so I assume we'll have three extra rugs in our house. :-)

It doesn't get any flatter than that! LOL

Harley is black and begs to go outside not knowing that it's just as hot outside as it is inside (and no fans to sit in front of outside either!) After about a minute he decides to heck with this, I want back in!!

My cat puddles. This is aside from her lying down and sleeping. This is where she relaxes so much that she goes absolutely flat, her mass spreading everywhere as much as it can, contained in the fur. Everything is flat.

This past Sunday she was sleeping like a human, flat on her back, still puddling.

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