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May 13, 2006


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By the time I'd read through the letter, I was checking to be sure the translation wasn't a deliberate parody or spoof.

I thought it was a scream. The Iranian President should get his own blog.

Excellent post Sissy. Thanks for the link to Horsefeathers.

The libs do have a religion (Communism) and high priests (MSM and Hollywood elites). And, just like when I was growing up and was told - these are the "rules of the Catholic Church", there is no questioning them - they make the rules and change them according their own whims. If we don't follow along - we are heretics and must be stoned accordingly.

What's funny is that they don't seem to realize they've only replaced one religion with another. What's scary is how very stupid they can be in following this religion.

Let's hope the rational side can eventually win out.

Let us hope that the Iranian President's letter alerts the poorly informed people of the true nature of our dangerous enemy. You and your blogger friends are to be commended for helping this to come true.

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