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March 31, 2006


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» Keeping Our Borders Safe from A Swiftian Rant
I can certainly see Ms. Bingham’s point. By exposing all seven or eight people across the USA that actually read Free Inquiry, all hell might break loose. OH, the humanity! [Read More]


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Islam is still living in a world like Christianity lived in during the Inquisition. We in the West have a choice: In the future we will be allowed to live in a medieval Islamic culture or we will join George W. Bush's crusade to liberate Muslims.

In February Borders announced it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a UAE company to establish franchise arrangments in the Arab world.

Perhaps this is the reason they they dont want to offend the arab world.

Hello there! hey i like your blog. I wish someday I could be there. I'm Jacq from Philippines and I hope you could take a look with my blog too. Hope to hear from ya soon..=)..Take care..

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