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February 13, 2006


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Now THAT (the PBUH thing) is some serious dhimmitude at the BBC.

They should have had their charter pulled during the Andrew Gilligan affair and the fact that they hold onto it even while doing something like this makes my head spin.

BTW my wife and I are now giving preference to products listed on

We don't have extra money to spend but anything on our regular budget that can be bought from Danish producers is the least we can do IMO.

Those who forsake the truth to gain power and wealth are usually a small part of the group but must be imprisoned or killed or else they will soon force those who accommodate them in the interest of peace to live in subjugation or not to live at all. Witness Hitler and the Jewish people.

The uncalled-for caricature had jumped over the weak Islamic governments causing a direct hit to peaceful Moslems all over the world resulting in an irreparable damage.
If this is the extent of knowledge about Islam and prophet Mohammad at the level of a reputable newspaper, I wonder what it is among the Danish population!

Dr. E. Rageb

Below is the only option for peaceful Moslems to reply, it is also a Caricature!!
BarCode prefix of Danish products 570–579

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