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February 05, 2006


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There's an added detail, which is that the imams who whipped up the popular frenzy over the Danish cartoons added some much more disgusting fake ones to them, showing Mohammad as a pig and committing bestiality, that had never seen the light of Denmark. This is all chillingly calculated, cynical and political manipulation of mass emotion. I wrote somewhere that what repels me about the Arab world is that there is no such thing as rational objectivity. It's all emotion, and particularly wounded pride, grievance and outrage. If you believe something to be true because it makes you feel good -- or more likely bad in a good way -- it's true for all intents and purposes. What we've called "truthiness" they take to truly grotesque extremes. (T)ruthlessness, perhaps.

Excellent thoughts, amba. As I was reading your comments, the often hysterical behavior of the Democratic leadership -- e.g., Teddy Kennedy's and Charles Schumer's rantings at the Alito hearings -- came to mind. I think it comes of being out of power too long.

It's wake-up time in the blue states. The bloom is off the multicultural-sensitivity rose.

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