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February 24, 2006


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Due to a hectic schedule, "blogging will be light next week"... Hosting the Carnival of the Recipes with a Danish theme on March 4. [Read More]

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Welcome to the Carnival of the Recipes #81. This compilation of recipes has a Danish theme. [Editor's note: Check out the cuisine of Denmark at] As a starter, I recommend you to read All For One by Amit Ghate. [Via Gus Van Horn.] So, wit... [Read More]


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Maybe the people of the USA are waking up. If the sleeping giant awakens the West can be saved from the radical Muslim terror leaders.

*sigh* your trackbacks don't like me... so PING....

BTW - if the trackback shows up later -feel free to delete this comment. *grin*

yum, havarti and ham.

It is very nice that you support the Danish and Danmark, and that "Dannon"-stuff, we here in Europa know many products with the same logo on it. But I allways had the idea that those products come from France, and in Europa the name of the company is Danone (pronounced as Dah Know nuh) they are very well known for their sunday morning bake-off do-it-your-self croisants. I never got the impression in any way that their products are in anyway related to Danmark or to the Danish. They are nice intelligent people, the Danone stuff is great. But if there is a connection between those two why are they hiding it?

Maybe only the sympathy counts, next sunday I will make my (Frensh) croisants with a smile when I think of Denmark.

Steven V: Here's what the Dannon follks have to say about their own heritage at

"The Dannon Company, Inc., has its roots in Spain, where Danone was founded by Isaac Carasso in 1919. Having previously lived in the Balkans where yogurt was a dietary staple, Carasso decided to introduce this healthy product in Barcelona. He opened a small yogurt business named "Danone," meaning "Little Daniel" after his son."

Dannon was purchased by global food and beverage giant Groupe Danone, headquartered in Paris, in 1981:

Vive la yogurt!

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